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What's it really like to be in the ABS MBA Program? While our students' experiences are as distinct as their personalities, talents and ambitions, their journeys proceed along a common series of stages

At most education institutions, the campus is merely a backdrop to the program. At Accord Business School, however, our campus is an integral and deeply rewarding part of the Education experience. ABS provides an exclusive campus to encourage productive participant interaction that extends learning beyond the classroom.

Our facilities are constructed with the space and technology necessary to support our participatory learning model. The classrooms, for example, are precisely designed with state-of-the-art acoustics and clear sightlines to encourage active discussions among participants. At every location, every effort has been made to assure comfort and encourage conversation - an investment that leads to lasting connections among ABS Alumni.

Accord Business School respects both the professional and personal value of Life Skills training and believes that it brings the best out of the students. Students get to learn on Entrepreneurial Skills, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Team Spirit and Personality Development.

There are abundant opportunities to participate in activities that match your particular interests, whether you are looking for a diversion from academic life or to have a significant impact on the ABS community.

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