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"The Mentor and his Protege. Mentoring conjures up images of someone older who offers advice & guidance. At ABS, a mentor is someone who is a role model. Mentoring here goes beyond specific tasks and advices and the feedback mechanism is to nurture hidden talents, check problematic behavior. Since this is done in informal settings, it instills confidence in the student. As a consequence, the students develop a positive attitude, start showing interest and develop the habit of analysis."

This creates an atmosphere for the students to come forward and share their views and seek help to overcome their weaknesses. This enables them listen to ideas with an open mind and initiate steps to implement creative solutions. Philosophical mentoring or teaching is often used because many problems that bother people turn out to be caused by misconceptions, apprehensions or confusions rather than any causes that run deep. Philosophical understanding is helpful in such cases. An informal atmosphere is created wherein a reasonable tolerant acceptance of mistakes will ensure a positive attitude. Self-assessment exercises are done to let them evaluate their strengths & weaknesses and thereby make efforts to overcome the lacunae.

Dr.K .Uday Gowri Shankar , Ph.D.


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