Like sculptors who do a lot of hammering, chiseling, scraping , teachers modify,shape and mould the characters of the students

Faculty Overview

We believe that the quality of the faculty determines the quality of the Academic delivery.

We seek faculty who thrive in the vibrant, interactive environment of the ABS classroom where unexpected insights and challenges are a natural consequence of our participatory learning model.

All Education programs are taught by full-time faculty from Accord Business School, no exceptions. Our faculty includes some of the best available academic talents. The faculty is a dynamic fusion of contemporary qualification in the relevant field and industry-related experience.

Our faculty are skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers and are noted for their contributions to field-based research, their commitment to teaching, and their closeness to business practice. They leverage their business expertise to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the practice of management. They are renowned for their ability to draw upon practical business wisdom and to engage students in provocative, life-changing class activities that expand their abilities as managers and leaders.

Their teaching is informed by their experiences in business and business research, and they welcome opportunities to challenge students with new ideas that guide them to higher levels of performance.

The Accord Business School faculty function also as mentors and facilitators, which make learning an interactive experience, and hence more enriching. We encourage our faculty to pursue enhanced qualifications and new-knowledge areas so that our students always remain ahead in the global arena.

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