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ACCORD BUSINESS SCHOOL, TIRUPATHI is started with a vision to be among the prominent centres teaching Management education globally. The Accord MBA will prepare you to outsmart the competition, excel in the fast-paced global economy, solve problems creatively and build consensus across diverse groups. ABS's dedication to cutting edge learning and application underlies everything that we do – with an approach to business management that allows our students to make a significant impact in business and in society.

Accord Business School (ABS) is one of the few premier MBA colleges that blends the theoretical concepts of the university curriculum with practical activities of the industry and focuses on holistic development of its students. At ABS,teaching-learning environment is very interesting and is meant for lifelong success. Through innovative pre reading sessions, exciting lectures, interactive group discussions, presentations, field assignments and projects students will be able to enrich their knowledge, competencies and values. In addition to its best teaching methods, each of its students is adopted by its mentors and continuously guided towards success. The institute also conducts exciting workshops, seminars and specially designed training programmes with the help of industry experts.

If you suspect that Accord Business School sets a high bar for its Education programs and high expectations for its students, you are correct. Our programs demand a great deal from both the faculty who create and deliver the courses and students who take them. We encourage applications from emerging students who have passion for leadership development.


Students are immersed in a leadership training that will challenge their assumptions, disrupt their ordinary ways of doing things, and introduce them to new and unexpected ways of thinking. They will prepare for the next steps in their careers and lives demonstrating leadership here, in their classes. Most important, they will return with fresh ideas, new business skills, and a greater capacity for addressing the challenges.

Accord Business School programmes are not for everyone. Those who accept the challenge, however, will find unique rewards with lasting impact and careers. Students can expect a carefully integrated mix of lectures, presentations, role-plays, business simulations, small group discussions, and the case-study methods with classroom sessions to make learning a stimulating and enjoyable experience.

To bring forth successful management graduates and future leaders, we strive to nurture students both on academic frontiers and emotional intelligence to cope up with the demanding world. Students will be trained to become successful leaders with strong value systems and not mere management graduates. Our students will be trained in soft skills for the enhancement of their Individuality Communication Proficiency Language Skills Overall Attitude.

Unique Advantages @ ABS

  • 1ABS provides the enabling support and a culture of learning which values teamwork, vision, creativity and discipline. ABS offers a platform for a highly interactive and experiential environment.
  • 2A strong orientation program conducted at the initial stage of the course at ABS enables the students to familiarize themselves with the teaching methodology and aids used in the classroom, use of campus infrastructure, library, and computer laboratory.
  • 3Management education at ABS focuses on learning key business concepts and principles while simultaneously developing analytical skills of students.
  • 4Students will be trained in soft skills considered most important in today's world for any successful leader. Our comprehensive skills development program will blend personality development with tact to interact, influence and manage others.
  • 5ABS is also keen to help students with monetary loans through alliance with Banks.
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